Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Issues Concerning Women

There are several surveys, researches and innumerable progress that have been made in order to figure out the real cause behind hair loss problems which concerns women these days to a large extent. There are millions of women across the globe seeking permanent remedy for hair loss issues but they are not being able to find out some suitable information regarding the same. At times such widespread hair loss problems often give rise to baldness making things much more complicated to handle and deal with. Here are few causes which have been stated as the probable reason behind female hair loss.

  • Certain medication often result into hair loss.
  • Baldness or thinning of hair in women is also caused due to imbalanced estrogens and androgens.
  • For those who suffer thyroid disease, certain over and under activity of hormone glands might result into hair loss.
  • Certain scalp related disease can also result into hair loss in female.
  • Hair loss also occurs due to certain surgical burns, accidents, traumas and excessive mental and emotional stress.
  • Fatty acid and zinc deficiency in body might also lead to hair loss.
  • At times excessive dieting also results into hair loss.

However apart from these key factors which have been discussed in the above mentioned points there are several other factors that can determine hair loss in women.

womanCertain hormonal imbalance and problems related to that might lead to hair loss in women. At times imbalanced androgens and estrogens can cause severe hair loss which has been discussed above as well. Women going through menopause and those who are pregnant, often experience hair loss.

During the time of pregnancy and post labor, women often tend to experience a significant hair loss as because during these days the improper hormonal balance leads to severe hair loss. This hair loss can be experienced by women up to 2-3 months after they had a baby. But gradually with passing time these imbalances shall become normal again, restoring the hair loss, thus ensuring normalcy. Hormone glands for example, thyroid glands can cause hair loss after being under active or over active. Eczema is kind of fungal infection which affects the scalp causing hair loss excessively. Birth control pills and antidepressants also cause hair loss to a large extent. Diseases such as diabetes and lupus also cause excessive hair loss in female. Medications such as chemotherapy and blood thinning medications often cause hair loss in women to great extent.

One must avoid sporting certain hairstyles which involves tightening of hair such as pigtails and the likes. This leads to hair fall to a large extent. Hair straightening also causes the hair root to get damaged thus resulting into hair loss. So, now that you all are aware of the possible loopholes, do consider keeping in mind such points as much as possible in order to prevent hair loss  ensuring a healthy and lengthy hair which shall add to your beauty quite perfectly.

Precautions Of Hair Loss Problems

When the blood circulation is properly done to the scalp, hair can be damaged or hair loss problem can be seen. Hair fall can be happened for different reasons. It can be occurred for the lacking of nutrients including proper vitamin and protein. Besides, excess change of hair style is very harmful for hair. It can cause hair fall. So, people can take some precautions to stop hair fall. These necessary steps should be taken by all. These will keep their hair shiny and aids to enhance hair growth.

junk foodAvoid junk food: It is necessary to keep our body fit and healthy. The junk food is very harmful for the hair. The people who are suffering from hair loss problems should avoid junk food from now. It makes hair too rough and it can cause hair fall. This is the main obstacle of hair growth.

Avoid rapid changing of hair style: To provide different looks we consecutively change our hair style. It is not good for hair. Continuous changing of hair style can break hair. Even it can damage our hair permanently. Besides, to change hair style we use different types of electric machines which produce stress on hair. It is one of the obstacles of proper blood circulation to scalp. It makes hair rough and the hair can be broken for excessive pressure on hair.

Back brush should be avoided: Most of the time people make back brush in their hair. This back brush breaks the hair. The people who are habituated to back brush for long time have to suffer from bald problem.

Don’t use gel without any occasion: It is better to avoid gel. But people need to use this gel or styling cream to provide different smart and stylist hair style. But without any emergence people should avoid this gel or styling cream. It works as glue. Different polluted things are available in the wind. This gel and cream attract the garbage.

Shampoo after using gel: When people use gel or any styling cream, plenty of polluted things are attached to the hair. These polluted things are very harmful for hair growth. People should use shampoo or conditioner after using this type of gel or styling cream.

Take proper nutrients: As scalp needs proper blood circulation, so people need to take proper nutrients for proper blood circulation throughout the scalp. Besides, nutrients are needed for hair growth or shiny hair. So, the people should take proper proteins. Salmon fish and spinach is full of protein. This type of food can be kept in menu every day.

Sleep properly: Proper sleeping is highly needed for better health. 8 hours sleep daily is highly needed for better health. Lack of proper sleep can be the cause of hair decrement.

Protect hair from polluted things: Most of the cities in the world are polluted. Various dusts are flown in the air. So, people should avoid this polluted area. But people have to visit these polluted areas for emergency. In this case, they can use hat or caps to protect their hair from polluted things.  But the caps or hats should not be worn for long time.

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Foods to Stop Hair Loss Problems

When people observe that their hairs are falling, they become confused and worried about this matter. But some necessary steps can reduce their hair fall problems. If a man is concerned about food and his diet, he doesn’t have to tense about the hair loss problems. Some people found this problem genetically. They have nothing to do. They can stop this problem as far as possible by taking enough foods with proper nutrients.

salmonSalmon: Salmon is one of the finest sources of protein. Besides, this fish is full of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. These three nutrients are highly needed for better hair growth. To stop hair loss problems people can take this fish twice a week. It will work better and people don’t have to worry about their hair. This omega 3 acid is vastly needed for better scalp. It keeps our head healthy.

Orange: Orange can be the great solution of vitamin C.  Scalp needs vitamin C and orange is full of citric acid and this citric acid makes our scalp healthy and it helps to get rid of various scurvy problems. A piece of orange can fulfill the demand of scalp.

Yellow peppers: Yellow pepper is also the source of vitamin C. But this yellow pepper contains more vitamin C than orange. It has five times vitamin C than orange. It contains 363 grams vitamin C where orange contains only 63 grams vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to enhance the hair growth.

Oysters: Oysters is really a good source of nutrients for human being. Oyster oil is also helpful for bald people. Daily massage with oyster oil can make our hair strong and healthy. Besides, oyster as a food is very necessary for providing enough zinc to the body including hair. Zinc strengthens our hair and stop hair loss problems within 2 weeks. It can be a great medication of hair loss problems.

Egg: Egg is full of nutrients. It is easy to found and the price of this food is reasonable. So, people can take one or two eggs per day to decrease hair loss problems. This food is full of protein and vitamin. Both of these are needed for hair growth. His food is full of biotin and omega 3 ‘s . omega 3’s strengthens our hair.

Sweet potato: Sweet potato can be taken to fulfill the enough nutrients including vitamin A.  Besides, sweet potato is full of protein and energy and this potato protects us from various diseases.

AlmondsAlmonds: Almonds are very helpful for the scalp. For better blood circulation to the scalp is needed for hair. Scalp is the main place of growing hair. Almonds can be taken as nutrients daily. It makes our scalp strong.

After all, we should take these foods as far as possible to reduce the probability of reducing hair loss problems. But it is needed to ensure pure foods. Most of the foods in the market were ripen by giving chemical things. This chemical thing can harm us permanently. So, we should buy proper foods including nutrients. These foods can be the great remedies of hair loss problems.

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Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Hair fall is an embarrassing matter for young generation. We are to face embarrassing situation with bald head. To recover the situation we normally take some remedies which are full of side effects. Most of the time, we search suitable and comfortable remedies. There are plenty of treatments throughout the world but these are very expensive too. General people are not affordable to take these kinds of expensive treatments. Besides, after taking any treatments or surgical operation people don’t feel comfort and have to suffer various diseases. In this case, natural treatment can be a good alternative option. People don’t need to be worried about the side effects of the treatment.

massageMassage with hair oil: People don’t need to face any perplexity to collect this type of hair oil. Plenty of oils are found in the nature and people can apply these oils as the hair loss treatment. These oils are easy to found in the nature. Coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil or pomegranate seed oil can be the good hair solution as hair loss treatment. Consecutive massage on the scalp will help to reduce the hair loss problem. The people who apply one of these oils will find the finest result. In this case, people need to concentrate on some important things. They need to purchase the quality products for their hair as hair loss treatment. Besides, people can refine the oils in their house by themselves and they will find the right oil. It is needed to use minimum two or three weeks consecutively.

fenugreekFenugreek: Fenugreek is very effective to the bald people or people who are facing hair loss problem. It can be applied to the broken hair. The fenugreek contains enough protein and vitamin which are highly needed for the scalp. Besides, these elements help to increase hair growth. By massaging few weeks people can resolve the hair decrement problems. The hair will find its shiny color within a month. Besides, fenugreek is good for the scalp.

onionOnion juice: Most of the time people feel hair loss problem for the lacking of proper blood circulation to the scalp. When the proper blood circulation is not done to the scalp, the scalp doesn’t get proper protein and vitamin for hair growth. It causes hair loss problems and the hair can be broken. Onion juice can be the good replacement of protein and vitamin. It provides enough vitamin and protein to hair and quits hair loss. A cup of baking onion will assist to grow new hair as it helps to circulate proper blood throughout the scalp.

aloe veraAloe Vera: Effective enzymes are available in Aloe Vera for hair growth. Various alkalizing properties of Aloe Vera aids to enhance the hair growth rapidly. Different types of Aloe Vera juices are available in the market. This juice or oil can be massaged on the scalp for two or three weeks. This juice should be massaged on the scalp and needed to keep for half an hour. Aloe Vera contains enough vitamin-D and protein to the hair.

These natural treatments can be applied on the scalp for better hair and rapid hair growth. But it is needed to select the proper products .

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