A letter.

To the beautiful woman who has endured so much,

Are you just about done with going around in circles in your fitness journey? Are you ready to start your new chapter and hit the ground running?

I know how it feels to go through some really tough times in life. Traumatic experiences have left me with huge scars and a lot of heartache. I neglected myself for years and had no idea what it meant to be 'healthy'. I didn't even feel as though that word related to me in any way! I broke my own heart as I continued to allow others to abuse me. I allowed myself to be a downtrodden victim.

I can tell you, to this day I still have scars and I still am hard on myself sometimes. I know how it feels to have to start all over again and make anew.

As the trauma came to a close and I grew as a person & became responsible for my own mindset along with what I would allow. I established personal boundaries and was finally ready to change and I finally decided to take charge of my life!! I had had no self-confidence and horrible self-esteem. I wanted to hide away and retreat into this timid little hamster that I had become. Health and feeling good finally meant something to me! I hired a coach and started on my journey of self-liberation.

I started to move. I moved my body, every day. I worked on my mindset. I built myself up. I told myself how beautiful I was, how clever I was and how much I deserved to be happy. I was more than worthy. I was enough. I addressed my nutrition and ended up with amazing results! I went through a journey of health and self-discovery and felt liberated and amazing!

This led me to attending the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and learning the science of personal training and nutrition. I used this information to help myself and move forward even more!

This transformation enabled me to extend my passion for helping other women (and men) who have been in my shoes. I know how hard it feels to be isolated. I want more than anything to be someone to someone who needs it. I can help you transform your life, get fit and healthy and feel such an amazing and heightened sense of confidence!

If you are ready to change, just drop me a line. If I can help just one person who has endured such hardship and is finally ready to move forward with her life, I'll be happy.

I'm here for you,


@Fit Bird Fitness


About your coach

My name is Dani!

Originally from London, England, I am travelling the world with my husband and gorgeous, beautiful daughter! We create picturesque videos and write reviews of our visits to various places. I am a big time foodie and love trying out new restaurants all over the world!

Back home, I worked with children full time, teaching and guiding them through their school journey and I will always hold so much love for the wonderful kids of who I have had the privilege to play a part in their lives!

I bake! I love to create beautiful cakes and desserts for weddings! Although I no longer create bespoke cakes for events, I am partial to the odd bake up for the family!

I have a love affair with the ocean and all of its beauty & wonder. Swimming has become a part of my life and my favorite thing to do is to swim in the ocean, being one with nature.

I am a huge self-care advocate and am big into transforming women's lives who have overcome trauma and who are ready to make a change! I have a so much passion for helping someone to achieve clarity, confidence and health.

So, here I am:

  • New military wife

  • Mother of a preteen

  • Ocean lover

  • Survivor of abuse

  • Baker

  • Self-care advocate

  • Teacher

  • Blogger


  • Personal Trainer

  • Nutritionist

  • Transformation Specialist

Speak directly with me now!